The international scientific conference “Borders and Territorial Reconfigurations in the Middle East and the Sahel” organized by CEDEJ will stand from January 30th to 31st, 2017, in Aswan, at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.


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  1. Contacts

All practicalities will be handled by the following CEDEJ conference organisers in Aswan:

–       Dr Hala Bayoumi (halla.bayoumi@cedej-eg.org) as main organizer responsible for hotel/transport and accommodation arrangements, or questions concerning the program

–       Ms Ines Anwar (ines.anwar@cedej-eg.org) for all admin details (letters of invitation, flight tickets, receipt of all boarding passes for domestic flights)

–       Moustafa Ibrahim (moustafa.ibrahim@cedej-eg.org) for technical questions about computers/projection, including collection of powerpoint presentations.

–       Clémence Curty  (communication@cedej-eg.org) or Valentine Couderc for registration + receipt of all drafts, photos, and final papers

–       Jamie Furniss (jfrnss@gmail.com) for questions about translation

–       Dr Karine Bennafla (karine.bennafla@cedej-eg.org) for academic matters .

  1. VISA

A tourism visa is required to enter Egypt. Most nationalities can get it at the airport (25 euros/dollars at your expense).

  1. Bus transportation and Hotel

– A car/bus service will wait for everyone at Aswan airport for transfer to the Sofitel (15-20 min).

– There will be no room changes allowed at Sofitel legend Old Cataract. Thanks for your understanding.

– Free Wifi is available at the Sofitel without password.

– Accommodation (4 nights hotel + meals mentioned in the program) is paid from January 29th morning to Wednesday February 1st (including breakfast the 1st of Feb.). Participants are personally responsible for all extra costs, such as drinks, alcohol and extra nights.

– Please take into consideration that there is a sumptuous brunch scheduled on 29th January morning before the field excursion and that the next meal is a buffet at 6 pm, so eat well over the brunch!

– On the first day, the organizers will ask participants for a voluntary contribution for a collective and one-time tip to drivers, and staff of the hotel. There will be no need to give extra tips.

  1. Currency and banking

– 1 euro =19 LE (Egyptian pounds/Guineh)

– A cash machine is available inside Sofitel Legend Old Cataract

  1. Talks, drafts, ppt, and papers

– Most presentations will be in English and French. There will be simultaneous English-French and Arabic-English translation.

– Talk duration: 20 min max. The Chair is responsible for time-keeping.

– Sunday morning, Moustafa Ibrahim will gather the powerpoints (pdf/ppt) of all participants for upload on to the computer before the start of the conference in order to save time.

– Chair persons are asked to check the installation of powerpoints prior to their panel, limit the speaking time of participants, and gather questions. We imperatively need to finish all panels on time for logistical reasons.

– First drafts have to be sent before 23rd of January to communication@cedej-eg.org and will be provided to chairs, participants making concluding remarks, and translators.

– Final versions of papers shall be sent for publishing before the 20th of March. Two issues are already scheduled for 2 journals: Confluences Méditerranée (June 2017) and Egypt Arab World (January 2018)

  1. Excursion

– An excursion is scheduled Sunday afternoon to the Nubian temple of Kalabsha (island on Lake Nasser) and the Aswan High Dam.

– Bring warm clothes (scarf, etc.) for the nights. It might be quite cold and windy in Aswan, especially on the boat (felloukas). Notice: there is an outdoor film projection on Sunday evening + an outdoor dinner in a Nubian restaurant (Monday).

– 1st  February: a visit of the Elephantine Island Archaeological site (5 min from Sofitel on the other side of the Nile river) is offered, guided by our colleagues Dr. Cornelius VON PILGRIM (Director of the Swiss Institute of Architectural and Archaeological Research on Ancient Egypt) and Johanna SIGL (Academic Research Fellow at German Archaeological Institute Cairo)

Visa procedures


All participants must apply to a touristic visa (three months)

  1. For participants from Europe & North America, the visa can be bought at the airport (25 USD)
  • Get two ID photos
  • A valid passport six months after arrival

2. For participants from Cameroun & Nigeria, a visa must be made before arrival at the Egyptian embassy of your country

  • Get two ID photos
  • A valid passport six months after arrival
  • Round trip ticket
  • Copy of family book
  • Hotel reservation
  • Copy of the residence permit
  • Invitation letter from the CEDEJ



Please register to participate at the international conference on the following website : Azur-Colloque Registration

– The access to conferences for public is free within the limit of available places –

Find below the schedule for the domestic flight from Cairo to Aswan. Please note that you have the choice between all the flights the company offers on that day. 

For the departure flight on 28th of January 2017 (Cairo-Aswan), there are three flight possibilities : 

  • 7 a.m (arrival 8:25 a.m)
  • 12:35 p.m  (arrival 2 p.m) 
  • 10:15 p.m (arrival 11:40 p.m)

And for the return flight on 1st of February 2017 (Aswan-Cairo), there are four flight possibilities: 

  • at 5:35 a.m (arrival 7 a.m)
  • at 8:55 a.m (arrival 10:20 a.m)
  • at 2 p.m (arrival 3:25 p.m)
  • at 6:10 p.m (arrival 7:35 p.m)

Please give us as soon as possible the flight schedule you want to take, in the registration process (on the platform Azur  https://www.azur-colloque.fr/DR16/inscription/) or by sending us an email if you already registered yourself.